General Manager, River City Labs


Peta Ellis joined River City Labs in June 2012 as Communications and Community Manager. With a strong background in Marketing and Communications and a passion for Startups and Innovation she supports the Startups within RiverCityLabs and continues to seek opportunity, growth and exposure for the coworking space.

River City Labs is a not for profit company formed to promote and develop early stage and start-up businesses and entrepreneurial activity in the mobile, Internet, telecoms and technology sector in Brisbane and surrounding regions in Australia.

The aim of River City Labs is to be a physical location to anchor the early stage and start up mobile, web and tech community in Brisbane.

Peta has been in business since 2002 and knows only too well the importance of support and access to good mentors, solid advice and growth opportunity in the early stages of starting up.

Having started two Public Relations agencies, a Hospitality Personnel Agency and Business Consulting Firm she is well placed to share personal experience to others within the community.

The River City Labs Community (Residents) have access to mentors who are willing to listen and help and a regular schedule of events with useful information to help impart knowledge and experience and to increase the networks for residents and the community at large.

As General Manager is it top priority to support the Entrepreneurs within the community by continuing to support them and providing every possible opportunity for them to grow, expand and embrace new ideas and innovation.

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