Congratulations to the Top 20 Finalists in the 2014/2015 OzAPP Awards:


  • APE Mobile

    APE mobile is a paperless site app for contractors. Contracting businesses can now move to a paperless site where ALL of their paperwork can be done, synchronised and data captured within one system. It links the siloed workflows of the office with the Site in real time.
    The APE Mobile solution consists of the iPad app plus a cloud-based backend that includes an interface for web users, web services, and a central database.

  • Assignmenthero

    Assignmenthero brings a solution to the problem of lack of effective collaboration in academia for students. Assignmenthero is one place to organize everything and manage all your assignments. We know how messy it can be when you’re working on multiple assignments and deadlines are coming up sooner than you know. We built Assignmenthero to solve that. One place you can organise, work and discuss all your assignments.

  • Churn

    Churn is a mobile and desktop web app where users broadcast their tastes, passions, and interests to the world, through the video they watch and share online. Think of it as Pinterest meets WordPress, but designed exclusively for video.

  • Class

    Class is the fastest mobile-only hotel booking platform in the world and first of it’s kind in Australia. We have been likened to Uber for hotels.

  • Disrupt.

    The Disrupt app allows people to come on choose their surfboard using a learning algorithm, they can then alter the shape and construct before personalising the design and finish. It does this by creating a 3D file of the board, which is then loaded into the cloud and into our manufacturing system, which creates the 3D shape and design

  • ePAT (Electronic Pain Assessment Technologies) for Kids

    The app is an electronic pain assessment device. It is equipped with state-of-art automated facial recognition technology and includes globally accepted pain indicators. It is a tool for detecting, evaluating, and recording pain scores in children. The electronic pain assessment tool (ePAT) will provide a digital evaluation system for pain and its severity in non-communicative (i.e. preverbal) kids.

  • Freight Exchange

    FreightExchange is a digital marketplace where freight transport carriers can sell excess capacity to businesses that need to ship goods.
    It provides a holistic view of available capacity via a simple online platform. Journeys and loads can be advertised or booked via email, SMS, online or via integration with customers existing IT systems. It is like a Webjet of freight combined with real time booking elements – an Uber for trucks, trains, ships and planes

  • High Ferritin

    The High Ferritin app provides a referral tool for doctors and enables them to receive a real time outcome. Where a referral is successful (ie the patient meets current evidence based criteria ) notification is received through a secure server. The notification triggers the Blood Service contact centre to arranger a series of appointments for the patient.


    JOBDOH ( is a location based, last-minute booking and scheduling platform to source casual workers. Using “JOBDOH” reduces the hassle and inefficiency of going through a middleman.

  • Joy Sprouts – Kids Preschool Education

    Created by educational professionals, Joy Sprouts’ award winning games and activities develop a range of important skills to help every child’s total development. The app provides personalized reports that allows parents to follow their preschooler’s progress across key areas of development.

  • Kindy

    Kindy’s mobile app helps working parents with one of their most important needs: finding quality, affordable and local child care. Child care in Australia is high cost, of varying quality, and it can be hard to know who to trust with your children.

  • MobiMe

    mobiMe a unique App solution for schools to make Teacher – Parent communication easy.

  • OnFlow

    OnFlow is a platform for sharing video content of action sports.

  • Pamperologist

    Pamperologist is a social beauty app. It is a fusion of Yelp and Pinterest, but is exclusively for beauty services. Pamperologist offers women the ability to discover, book, and share their beauty experiences easily

  • PEERS (Paediatric Evaluation of Emotions Relationships and Socialisation)

    PEERS is a first-in-class assessment tool to identify social impairments in children and adolescents, with future extension to adults. It is well accepted that early detection of social disorders can have a significant positive impact, allowing an appropriate intervention and limiting severity/progression of mental illness.

  • realAs

    realAs is positioned to disrupt a $10+ billion real estate industry* and eliminate the problems caused by incentivised real estate agents. Based on world-leading methodology, realAs predicts the actual prices homes will sell for within, on average, around 5% of actual sale prices. realAs also provides a way buyers can compare notes on homes and their agents.

  • Simply Wall St

    Simply Wall St visualizes listed stocks in Australia, UK and the US everyday. We present data in a new, visual format, one that can be easily appreciated by the new investor and veterans alike.

  • Tap Into Safety Interactive Safety Training Tools

    The Tap into Safety suite of apps provide customised, interactive, ‘game like’, self-paced safety training and assessment tools that are available on tablets (android and iPad) and the web.

  • Two Hoots

    We’re creating an entirely new way to improve customer satisfaction – the preferred channel for people to avoid, make and resolve a complaint with any organisation, anywhere, anytime. Two Hoots App solves the problems of consumers and organisations. Two Hoots captures quantifiable data direct from the source. As we are independent to the organisation, we can capture information from consumers that they are unable to, such as levels of frustration relating to issues.

  • WiseTime

    WiseTime is a passive timesheet platform. It is designed to facilitate a greater degree of freedom and flexibility in workplaces, by transparently accounting for the time and activities of employees and contractors who wish to take advantage of the benefits that flexible working conditions can provide.

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