Interior hanging plants seem to come and go in style. Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost interest in them because they have become bored of the green leaves hanging above their heads all the time. However, plants can give you much more than that, depending on how you select them.

A hanging plant doesn’t necessarily have to be a Boston fern, a Swedish ivy vine or a spider plant, although these are very easy to take care of. There are some plants which have stripes and coloured nerves, while others can make you enjoy weirder and more intriguing shapes of the leaves. There are ideal plants for baskets, each recommended for a certain level of light exposure, for a certain temperature level or for a certain humidity level.

In fact, you can find an interior hanging plant for any possible situation. What is important is that you read the label of the plants before you bring them home and that you do a bit of research before paying a visit to a reliable garden centre. There can be problems because of the place where you hang your plants. Nothing is more unpleasant than to simply hang a plant in a cheap plastic pot somewhere on the ceiling. On the other side, you can group three or five pots of different sizes somewhere with enough light and hang them on different levels. This arrangement can create a sensation of height and depth. Once you have determined the height you want to hang your plants from, you might want to think of the fact that you will need to take care of it from time to time, therefore you need to be able to reach it.

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