SHIELD Immunity+


With SHIELD Immunity+ you can stay huge, stay healthy and never lose your gains!


Even a minor deficiency can derail your immune system and let’s face it, viruses, bacteria and pathogens can be anywhere and everywhere! Making real gains in size and strength simply aren’t possible when you’re sick. On the other hand, a strong, optimized immune system means faster recovery from training, increased energy, and even improved digestion! But what does immune support really take? The most powerful immune health nutrients known to science are in SHIELD Immunity+ at dosages that literally dwarf other supplements. Stay huge, stay healthy and never lose your gains! 



SHIELD Immunity+ gives you powerful dosages of vitamins and minerals that put your immune system on high alert! Each vitamin and mineral is optimized to be highly bioavailable. This mixture is cranked with mega-doses of every powerful ingredient that you would expect, and then some. With 5,000IU vitamin D3, 50mg of chelated Zinc Aminomin™ and 2,000mg of vitamin C; SHIELD Immunity+ is a powerhouse of an immunity booster that blows those itty-bitty vitamin gummies out of the water! Best of all, you’ll actually love the way it tastes! It’s super easy to mix and it’ll make you think of your fav orange drink. 



Highly specific, proprietary, and branded Nutramunity™ 1,3-1,6-beta-glucans are an ultra-potent immune system stimulator. The immune system functions non-specifically and specifically through two different actions (innate and adaptive), and beta-glucans are known to stimulate enhanced immune responses in both pathways! Guess which ones work best? You guessed it, research has confirmed that 1,3-1,6-beta-glucans outperform by a wide margin. By latching on to specific receptors and supercharging their response to pathogens, beta-glucans are the heart and soul of SHIELD Immunity+ as they work to create an intrinsic shield of an immune system for your body. Nutramunity™ is ultra-pure and it’s the only 1,3-1,6-beta-glucan formula that we trust in SHIELD Immunity+. 


Reishi mushroom has the power to fuel white blood cell action while simultaneously reducing inflammation pathways in the body! Inflammation causes all kinds of damage, making Reishi mushroom extract an absolute staple in SHIELD Immunity+. Combined with the free radical-obliterating strength of Turkey tail mushroom, through its antioxidant properties, these two mushroom extracts are the natural ingredients that you didn’t know you needed – but we did! And these aren’t run-of-the-mill powders, either – both of these mushroom extracts are standardized for 30% and 40% beta-glucans respectively.


Not only does SHIELD Immunity+ take care of the nitty-gritty when it comes to immune support, but it also makes sure that those functions happen fast! Proper hydration and electrolyte balance means fast reactions and a healthier body, and that’s why SHIELD Immunity+ is packed full of potassium, sodium and calcium, in an optimal ratio. By keeping signals moving and hydration balanced, this mix ensures that no immune system is left behind!

SHIELD Immunity+

25x Vitamin C Than 1 Orange!

• Immunity: High-Potency Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc

• Protection: 3 Sources of Icelandic Beta-Glucans

• Hydration: Recovery Electrolytes

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