The Hands-Down Best Experience You Will Have Swimsuit Shopping


Be ready for summer’s spontaneous swimsuit moments. Use code WITANDDELIGHT10 to receive $10 toward your purchase from Summersalt.

Can anyone else feel it? Winter is over! We are all very much looking forward to a more “normal” summer this year: bike rides, hiking, playgrounds, and swimming. 

The only thing missing is a swimsuit that fits. 

Can anyone honestly say they enjoy trying on swimsuits? My entire life, I’ve struggled with body image issues and a past eating disorder. There has never been a point where I’ve looked forward to trying on swimsuits. Especially at this season of my life, post-kids and homebound during the pandemic.

Truly, I’d rather do almost ANYTHING than try on a swimsuit right now. Swimsuit shopping sucks. Trying on an ill-fitting item of clothing is defeating in the worst way. You have a vision of what you SHOULD look like, and when you don’t get there, it destroys you and any self-confidence you may have had going into the shopping experience. Add in my own hang-ups around my C-section scar and it’s a recipe for self-esteem disaster.

For the last four years, I’ve resigned myself to wearing tank tops and shorts as swimwear.

No longer. 

I’m determined not to sit on the sidelines this summer. I’m tired of missing out on the spontaneous activities or feeling anxious taking my shirt off or making sure my butt is covered. I don’t want to miss out on experiences for myself and my kids because I’m not “swimsuit ready.”  

Last month, I shared with you some loungewear upgrades from Summersalt, and if they could replicate that feeling of comfort and style in their suits, well, I was willing to give it a try. I can honestly say this was the least painful experience I’ve had trying on suits. I didn’t feel my usual internal pressure to follow any exercise regimen or special diet before trying them on.

Much like the fit of their loungewear, Summersalt has considered the cut of each style to flatter many different types of bodies. (A friendly tip: Measure your body according to directions. It was tough for me to order the size I needed rather than the one I wanted, but it was worth it in the end.)

  • The Deep Dive – The cut of the plunge suit is sexy without being “too risque” for a preschool playdate. My boobs look dynamite (and, more importantly, stay in the suit!). 
  • The one-shouldered Sidestroke – This “unicorn” suit supports my midsection without feeling like I’m strapped into a girdle. 
  • The Ruffle Oasis (The suit I’m wearing here!!) – The pattern and design of this suit de-emphasize *my* concerns (C-section trauma) and accentuate the positives (hello, bum!).

I’d feel comfortable walking around in the backyard, sans coverup, in any of these styles (that’s a HUGE endorsement from me). 

The suits looked good on me, yes, but more importantly, made me FEEL GOOD. 

Rather than painfully restrict my diet and embark on an unsustainable exercise regimen to be “swimsuit ready,” I’m working on changing my mindset and focusing on how I feel in a swimsuit. I’m not going to miss out on a spontaneous dip in the pool because I’m not where I think I “should” be.

Life’s too short to miss out on these moments. Put on the swimsuit. Feel good about how you look. If you feel good, you look good. 

Be ready for summer’s spontaneous swimsuit moments.

Use code WITANDDELIGHT10 to receive $10 toward your purchase from Summersalt. Order a few swimsuits, try them on, keep the ones you love. Your future summer self will thank you.

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